Monday, February 13, 2012

You Are So Beautiful to Me

In case you haven't heard Tom and I shouting it from the housetops.  I got an all clear from Mayo Clinic.  No sign of cancer or other problems and since it was caught very early they feel sure that I will remain cancer free!   I have my life back!  How do I say thank you for that!   Where do I begin?  With God.  Yes.  With the skilled and talented doctors and nurses at Mayo Clinic. Yes.  With Tom.  Definitely yes!!   And how do I say "Thank You!" 5525 times!   That is the number of times that one of you has checked in on my blog.  Just to see how I am doing. To sometimes leave a message.  And even when you didn't say anything  the count on the blog showed me that many people had thought of me that day!  That amazed me and encouraged me!  And I felt the caring so a "Thank You" to each of you.

  And strangely, I have found myself saying thank you to my badly disfigured left breast.  When I was first diagnosed I was angry at the body part that had betrayed me.  It became alien to me, a parasite, just hanging on that I really just wanted gone.  Or to stop hurting. .or to be better, quickly.  I was impatient. Very impatient! Then as time went on  I slowly began to say thank you,L.B. , for not hurting so much today, for healing, however slowly, for becoming part of my healthy body again.  When I met with my surgeon oncologist last week, he happily gave me the good news, that I had dodged the big C bullet.  That I was cured.  Cancer free! He was smiling as broadly as Tom and I.  And then he apologized for the disfigurement caused by the removal of so much tissue and eagerly offered to restructure the breast.  I said no thank you.  This part of my body has endured so much and become healthy again.  I am happy with that!  To me healthy is the new beautiful!

  Again, as I have tended to in this blog, I have rattled on, a bit to deeply, maybe too bluntly.  It has been therapy for me and from time to time probably caused a few red faces out there.  It would take a lot of space to say all that I am grateful for right now.  But I am especially grateful for the kindness and  support from old friends, new friends, Quaker Friends, and friends I never even knew I had.  You are all so beautiful to me!

My love to each and every one of you,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toenails Polished-Ready For Scottsdale!

We leave in the morning for my" after surgery, radiation,infection, more surgery check up" at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  Am feeling well and was anxious to get this appointment, but am also a bit on edge about it.  I am hoping to get the total blessing on my recovery, but realize that is a sometimes thing with breast cancer.  All indications are that this will go well.

 We have had good weather for February here in Silver City but I am anxious for a couple days of warmer in Scottsdale.  Toenails are polished and I am looking for a couple pairs of sandals to pack!   And we are staying across the street from a major mall with Dillards, Macys, etc.  That has got to be a plus for the trip.  We have already planned two dinners at our favorite restaurants and will be watching for a Trader Joe's to pick up our favorite ginger snaps.  I hope I can work in the 3 appointments at Mayo on Thursday! (just kidding)

  So time to take care of the before the trip chores here and get packing!  Will report back!   Gratitude continues for the good care by Mayo.. and Tom and the love and support of all of you. .and Tom.  I am fortunate in so many ways!

Sandy( the grandmother with the pink shiny toenails)