Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gratitude Is Easy Today

Some days gratitude is just easier to find than others.  Today I think I am being pounded with reasons to be thankful for that which surrounds me.   The TV is literally "flooded" (excuse the pun) with Hurricane Irene news and the aftermath for the millions of people effected by this huge storm.  No power, flooded streets, houses crushed by falling trees and lives lost.   I am sitting comfy, under air-conditioning with all the conveniences that I have so completely adapted to.

  I heard a lady this morning talk about the struggle to feed hungry children in a Mexican  border town.  The goal is for the children to be able to eat 1 meal a day.  Many of the mothers bringing children for food only have food for themselves to eat every third day. Children must pay a fee, plus for school supplies and uniforms to attend the public schools in Mexico. As a result, many poor children are unable to attend school and have any opportunity for a better life.  Poverty and violence is everywhere in that area.   I have a fridge full of fresh produce and my only eating decision today is what meat to take out of the freezer for dinner and when to start the fresh peach cobbler.  Plus my two most recent books that I have been reading are "Just Like Us" and  "Stones Into Schools"  both about humanity struggling for what most of us take for granted. 

 So I say "Thank you God" for my many blessings.  There could go I. . . And particularly this day, gratitude abounds for the life I have.

P.S. Today left breast is just dandy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wild Flowers, Old Pets, Chocolate and other Ramblings

What is it about a flower?  I never lose the desire to take one more photo of a flower that comes into my view!  And some of my favorite are the imperfect ones.  Like this group of very scraggly wild daisies? .  Probably not the right name for them but still caught my eye and my camera.  Saturday was a fun day.  Really half of the day and wisely we came home.  My energy was gone but we had the opportunity to get out and around town and do some photography and see some of the many happenings going on in Silver City.  I look forward to the day that I don't have to stop half way through!  Highpoint of my day today was having the carpets cleaned.  Very nice young man that came and did a great job.  And I have threatened the animals if there are any new spots!  But there will be.  And I will forgive them .  Because they are old in people years.  And I understand old.  More all the time!   Getting the carpet cleaned gave us an excuse to go out to lunch at the Curious Kumquat while it was drying. Great lunches and unforgettable chocolate desserts!  Today was chocolate cake with lemon filling and chocolate moose between the layers. Yummm!   So the days roll on. Some better than others. But isn't that true even without a much abused left breast?  It's life!  And a whole lot better than the alternative.   Love and Hugs to all. . Sleep well. . I will. . . :)   Sandy

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Day and Life Gets Better

Life has it's ups and life has it downs.  I should sit  on both hands so I don't burden you with the down days by posting an unhappy blog! There are a lot more good days in my life, even now, than bad days.  I am a positive person and a happy person and I will darn sure try to do better than that last post.   Started this morning with an early morning wound care session with the home health nurse and her giving me all of the virtues of the healing going on in my left breast.  That was good to hear from someone with 30+ years experience in doing wound care.  Today was the last day of my antibiotics and also when the surgeon from Mayo is suppose to call and check on my progress.  So good day.  Tom and I went to breakfast at our favorite spot and then strolled downtown for a bit.  It felt good.  Home for a nap and to work on a writing project for our art group.  So all is well here.  I am conscious of having used the word "good" numerous times in this post.  Good word that "good"!  Love and Hugs to All. . .Sandy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Repeat, Sandy! "One Day at a Time , With Gratitude"

How soon I forget!   It has been a rather rough week.  And mostly in my head.  A little paranoia going on here about "Am I ever going to be well again?"   Two different nurses who are overseeing the wound care tell me things are progressing very well.  The wound is healing and no sign of new infection.  It is getting better. Then I have a day with a lot of discomfort and low energy and my mind wanders into the "what ifs".   I opened my blog and saw what I had originally titled it, even when my prognosis was so much worse than it is now!  So I am refocusing on "One Day at a Time, With Gratitude".  I had a good day yesterday with good energy and enjoyed attending a 2 hour art event!  I am grateful for that.  Had a rough night last night but will put a Tylenol and glass of water by my bed tonight and that will work! Today my big treat was spotting and photographing a new little fawn that still had his spots.  Loved that!   Thanks for listening , guys.  Guess this is a therapy day for blogging.  I had already downloaded another photo but  I think I will add the photo of that little fawn.  I guess that was Mother Nature's gift to me.  And I am grateful.       Love and Hugs to all,  Sandy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Weekend;Good Weekend

I have taken it a little easier this time but am feeling new energy, which feels so good!  We went to the Silver City "First Friday"  downtown merchants event last Friday evening. The theme was "Dog
Days of Summer" . Didn't make it to everything that was going on but stopped by the shady courtyard of the museum for some live music, YaDa-Ya-Da Yarn Shop  ladies had their spinning wheels out front spinning beautiful yarns out of dog hair!  In keeping with the theme there was a parade of dogs down the main drag at 7.   The parades in Silver City are so fun.  Completely unorganized, informal and anyone who would like to parade just does it!  As I have said they just parade for any reason. I think Silver City is the home of the stress free parade.  Love It!   We topped off the evening with with a bowl of chowder and homemade bread at Diane's Restaurant.  I had walked more than I had intended and was really tired but I felt so good the next day, that I think it was really good for me.

  Saturday was catching the farmer's market. I overslept and some of the best was gone but we did come home with two good melons that actually came from Texas.  An industrious local young man was bringing a truck back from Texas and said he decided to make the trip worthwhile.  Entrepreneurism lives! We managed to come home with fresh baked cranberry nut bread and other favorite things from the local bakery. It was home for a break and then we went down to take some photos at a car show down in the park.  Caught it just as it was breaking up and the rains were moving in but what they can do with the old classic is always something to see.

   Sunday came quickly and I made it our local Friends meeting for the first time in a while.  It was good to see everyone.  They have been so kind to Tom and I as we have dealt with my medical problems the last months and weeks.   I came home but went back down to the park for the Hiroshima Day gathering the the Gila Friends Meeting sponsors every year.  Amongst the fun of the weekend adventures this was a serious gathering and  the most meaningful.  Much to think about in man's use of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

 All reports on my problem body part seem to be good.  Both from nurse Tom and  Beth, the Home Health Care nurse.   They agree that the healing is evident and no signs of new infection.  So hopefully I am on the home stretch!  Yeah!

 Tom starts tomorrow on the countdown routine for a colonoscopy on Wednesday.  Just his regular check up and he has postponed it twice because of my medical issues.  This time it looks like it is a go! Literally.  :)  The prep is the worst but Wednesday he will get a good nap.  And it will feel good to be able to return some of his good nursing care.   So, excuse my rambling update but life is starting to ramble along again and that is a good thing.   .Hugs and love to all.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

And it never looks so good as when you have been in the hospital a few days!   It was good to sleep in my own big bed- even without all the bells and whistles that the Mayo Hospital one has.   And a long shower and shampoo felt wonderful!  Isn't it strange how we forget to appreciate those little things.  I am not needing any pain medication except for the wound care and still a double dose for that.  It leaves me a bit loopy for a few hours but I should be able to back off on it soon.  Beth, the home health nurse(the one who "loves" wound care) was delighted to be able to take a flashlight and explore the cavern left inside from the surgery, and reported that it was beautiful and healthy looking in there except for a small area that had been cauterized that is blackened.  I told her that I usually charge 50cents for "cavern" tours but she had a free pass.   So, hopefully, this is the beginning of the healing and getting back to normal life,again.  Thanks to you dear family, friends and Friends you have made all of this easier. And especially to Sister Vel, who's crazy phone calls are better than morphine! And I don't know how I could have dealt with everything without Tom by my side.   Seeing the many getting care at Mayo that were obviously not doing as well as I, was a constant reminder of how fortunate that I am and in so many ways.  Just really wanted to let everyone know that I am home again and doing well.   Love and hugs to  all,  Sandy