Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life at "Club" Mayo

After surgery Thursday night my doctor told me to settle into a few days here at "Club" Mayo  for IV antibiotics and awaiting the growth of cultures.   As wound care has been much more difficult than with the previous surgery, I am glad that I am here for that. Hopefully it will be going easier by the time I head home, which I really hope is tomorrow.  I managed to get myself into real pajamas today and do a few laps in the halls, so that should mean I am about ready!  I won't gross you out with the details of the surgery and the wound care, but a lot of what was left  there after previous surgeries is  no longer. .a quick trip from a size C to a size A.  Guess there was a lot of  dead tissue to be removed.  Now everyone in unison please pray for healing!  I am real tired of this!  Now to the good part of the report!  The food is wonderful!  Steak, baked potato ,veggies,roll and apple pie ala mode for lunch!  And Tom came in with chocolates and ginger snaps from Trader Joes!  Eating well.  And the best hoapital bed ever!  All of the usual up and downs but it is like a sleep number that you can make it to the right softness, and ever so often it just shuffles itself a little.  I also found out today that there is a built in scale so they can keep track of your weight.  Plus music and TV controls.  Interesting.  Very different patient care culture here at the hospital than with the rest of Mayo.  Deep subject and maybe one for a later blog and after I contemplate the situation.  I know my expectations were high . . .So with gratitude for my improved condition and even more if they turn me loose tomorrow!  It wasn't the weekend we were planning. . but as always Tom was beside me to do what we had to do. .and keep me supplied with chocolates. . what a guy!   Love and hugs to all,  Sandy

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Been There, Done That, Doin' It Again

Me and nurse Tom and my laptop are snuggled in a big bed at the Comfort Inn close to Mayo Clinic.  After a day of tests and consultation with my surgeon at Mayo Clinic it was decided that I will have surgery to get rid of this darn infection that is plauging me.  May possibly have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days of IV antibiotics but the good doctor feels sure that this will take care of my problem.  It will involve a new larger open wound and all the joys of dealing with the healing from the inside out thing.  Tom has been such a good nurse and has down the stuffing my breast with gauze .  It is probably lucky that it is in such a spot that I can't  do it myself, I would gag I am sure!   So that's the scoop!  And I am so grateful for the skill and knowledge here at Mayo.  And they are nice too!  Love and hugs to all . . . I will be back after slice and dice time. . .


Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Day New Gratitude

Dear Friends, friends and family,

My apologies for being such a grump in yesterday's blog.  I was really feeling so out of sync and just crummy.   After a rough night I am feeling much better today and ready to face the healing of another surgery. Have had a good day with good energy and little need for extra meds.   I was well taken care of by the local medical community the past few days and gained more confidence in what is available locally.  I am grateful for that.  And for a day of lovely monsoon rains with birds chirping their thank yous.  And for Tom that showed me what a good nurse he is this morning in changing bandages.   Multi talented guy that Tom!  So I am going to have a piece of chocolate, read a good book and vision myself "well".

Love and Hugs to all . . .Sandy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well That Didn't Go Well!

Just to update,On Tuesday  I went to my local doctor for antibiotics for an infection in "that delicate body part" . After  a couple of days of that not working, I went to the local hospital to get IV antibiotics and the doctor sent me for scan which showed I had an abcess.  Then I had surgery.  A OK , alternative to the big needle thing except they left a hole for healing from the inside out. to be stuffed and unstuffed with gauze twice a day.  Eweee!  I am home and the breast is much improved as far as swelling ,size,redness etc. Oh yes in there somewhere I was throwing up, breaking out in hives and being checked for a blood clot.  Not throwing up now, still have the hives and don't have a blood clot.  So there is good news in there!  And how was your week?  I don't even have a piece of photography for this!  I'm trying to find that positive attitude and gratitude.  Maybe in the morning. . . Hugs, and thanks for letting me share my bad mood!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Needle Phobia!

Well, waiting for the phone to ring and find out if I am going to have to travel back to Scottsdale for the dreaded big needle proceedure.  I spoke with the radiation oncologist Friday who is consulting with the surgeon oncologist and deciding if I need to come back into Mayo Clinic to see what is going on with the continued bleeding that I am having.  He mentioned that he thought I might need to have the cavity are drained via the (gasp) Big Needle.  I have been paying more attention to that body part the last couple of days and think I may have something going on there, perhaps an infection.  So, I haven't had many bumps in the road and this one seems very fixable unlike many of those going through breast cancer treatment.   Feeling fortunate here and going to the gym and working on some press releases for the Art Guild.  Oh, yes, the photo above I call" Dragonfly in a Blender".  It started out as a beautiful dragonfly and then I "swirled" it!  Isn't that what life does to us sometimes!  I guess the lesson here is learning to still find the beauty in life even when it isn't perfect... . Love and Hugs. . Sandy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the Road Again- and Back

We made a quick trip to hot and humid Oklahoma and are so glad to be back home in much cooler Silver City.   It was good to see grandchildren and others although I was dealing with a family non medical type emergency that made the whole thing stressful.  But life is a learning experience.  I found that I do turn into a mild  version of  Momma Grizzley when necessary.  That Tom is an incredible person in a crisis and I am so lucky to have him by my side.   That an airconditioned theater feels really good in 108 degrees heat. That big bags of popcorn and a funny movie soothe the soul.  And , oh, yes.  I am doing well.  For a few days there I didn't even think about twinges, or being a little lop-sided, and other thoughts of breast cancer.  It occurred to me that when you are trying to help others, you somehow forget about self and being so self absorbed.  A lesson to be learned there, I think! I am grateful for this day and pray for peace, in the world, and hopefully in Oklahoma, too.  

Dear Friends, friends and family, love and hugs and to all.  And spread it around.We all need more of that, you know.