Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whoops! Holiday Time Already!

My the time sure flies when you get into this time of year.  This little birdie is working on one of the last apples on the tree outside the kitchen window.  I end up taking a lot of my photos through glass.  I feel lucky to have the wildlife that come to visit the yard.  I must remember to wash windows! We have been busy with Thanksgiving and trying to get our early Christmas shopping done so that those things can be shipped.  It looks like we are going to be going to Oklahoma for a quick Christmas trip so  I can deliver there.  Last night was the lighted Christmas parade in Silver City.  It doesn't start until 7:30 and then they turn off all of the street lights.  Draws a huge crowd but it is really difficult photography.  And cold!  I was reminded how the temperature can drop in the high desert when the sun goes down.  I wore my Michigan parka and was glad I had it!  Tom wore a heavy shirt and sweater and vest and I think he  wished he had a Michigan parka!  We do get climatized here.  The temperature was only down to 40 degrees but felt much colder. There was a Christmas concert at the old downtown theater before the parade that was a real treat.  And it was warm inside!  Tom has been doing a quite a bit of baking.  Already two batches of baklava for different events and working on his Christmas peppernuts that he likes to send for gifts.  They are addictive.  We need to hide them instead of sitting them on the kitchen cabinet.  I can see that new year's resolutions for me will have to do with diet and sweets!   Excuse the rambling. .just wanted everyone to know that all is well here.  Still working on healing but still going well.  I suspect I will be going for my Mayo checkup in January.  Not a bad time of year to go to Scottsdale!  Wishing you all a big helping of Christmas cheer!  Love and Hugs to all . . .Happiness and gratitude abounds here!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Party Animals!

Yep, it was a 2 party weekend for us old folks!   First we attended a beautiful wedding of Jessica and Kyle (pictured above) in Tucson.    We enjoyed taking photos and eating yummy food and visiting with a lot of excited family members.  Beautiful wedding, beautiful setting, beautiful couple.  Good times! 

And then the next day we were off to a baby shower in Scottsdale  for   a special family member for me(it's complicated) and I was so glad to be able to attend.   Again lots of good food(Tom's baklava served at both events) , nice folks and it was a treat to see Autumn, a cute mother- to- be, pictured doing baby practice , open many little pink and frilly baby things for the baby who is due on December 10th.  Tom took photos at this party and I just enjoyed.  He was doing great until the discussion of nipple shields at which point he turned red and said that now he knew why men don't attend baby showers!  Tom's such a good sport!   After the shower  we  managed to get ourselves to the nearest Outback Restaurant after checking into our favorite Sleep Inn.   Were surprised to wake to rain the next morning but took time before heading for home to stop in Trader Joe's to pick up a few foodstuffs.  Love Trader Joe's!  Also checked out a few other stores in the mall. .big city fix!   

So the party animals made it home Sunday at dusk. .Sr. Citizen party animals don't like to drive after dark!   It was a good weekend and today it was back to it- working on the hundreds of photos from both parties and getting caught up on local happenings. I am planning to make prints of the best photos and put together albums for those who will enjoy the memories.

 I am doing well, no problems. . .just still on the slowly healing track.  Looks like it will be December before it is time to go back to Mayo for my check up.  My impatience has turned into oh-well's . . .at least everything is going the right direction and I am grateful for that!  Love and Hugs. . .Sandy

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Frost is on the . . . Cholla!

I was so surprised this morning to wake to a gentle snowfall, lightly dusting the yard.  Birds were scampering after the bounty in the bird feeder and the seeds that had fallen below.  I flipped the switch on the gas fireplace and set down to enjoy my morning coffee.  Talking to Tom a bit later he laughed when telling me that the sun was shining in Washington DC and the people were wearing sandals and enjoying balmy weather.  I hope that he doesn't hit this storm as he starts home westwardly and the storm moves eastward.   As usual in Silver City, the snow was gone by noon but I must say a cold wind remained!  I guess I am spoiled with the wonderful weather here.  I dug out the Colorado outer clothing which included snow boots and a heavy jacket and proceeded with my plans to explore the happenings out and about Silver City.  I stopped first at the Mimbres Arts councils office where they were having their annual sale of items from Guatemala .  Wanted to ask why, with all the wonderful artists and crafts people locally ,they were bringing in goods from Guatemala?  I didn't make ripples and found a few things that I liked for Christmas gifts and  then moved on down the street to a big church bazaar.   I avoided all the goodies being served from the kitchen and proceeded to purchase some rolls of red velvet ribbon for $1(always good for  wrapping gifts) and two beautiful Christmas tree skirts(which I don't need)  and two stuffed bears dressed in holiday fare and holding a small light in each hand.  When I got them home , I realized why the batteries in the bears had been pulled.  The little lights do light up but the music they play would drive you up the wall. Oh, well.  I figured out how to just get the lights to come on, with no music.  They will work to decorate out table at the Christmas Bazaar that we are doing in December.  And if I want our table to get noticed, I know where that music switch is!  Also came home with a large plaster of paris yard decoration that I got help in loading but will have to wait for Tom to unload.  Hard to describe that one but I am sure it will be beautiful!   In the early afternoon the museum was presenting one of a series of historical plays which I wanted to be sure and catch.  The play was short and good but there was a young violinist that played wonderfully and also sang with the voice of an angel.  It amazes me the huge amount of   talent to be found in small towns.  Mancus was the same way.  Incredible!  I think people in the big cities must not take the time for the arts. . I guess that is a hasty judgement but wow! was that young girl good! So the day was fun. . would have been more fun to do it with Tom. . but was still good.  And I know he's going to love that big yard ornament! 

 Hope you excuse my ramblings but I know you are all tired of hearing about my LB or  "Unique Feature" or whatever I am calling this problem area of my body at this time.  Besides what is going on now is a slow process and so not much new to talk about there.  I will be glad when the healing is done and I can go back to Mayo for a check up and get their assurance that all is OK.   And all indications are that it is and I am grateful for that!   And grateful for all of you that listen to my rants, ramblings and nonsense.  Gratitude all around. 

Hugs and love, Sandy