Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding the " Light"

Do you have light in your life or darkness?   Most of us have a mix of the two.  If you have trouble with finding the light some days. . catch a sunrise or a sunset!   That is when God's light comes through the strongest.   As a photographer, the photos I have treasured most are those that have caught that few moments of beauty early morning or right before dusk.  Sometimes it catches me in such awe I have to remember to try and capture it through my lens.  And rarely, if ever, does the lens see the full glory of what my eyes have been allowed to see but somehow I feel I must try and preserve it forever.  Fortunately,  when we cannot find actual light in our day   we are given the ability to capture "light" in our minds through our spiritual beliefs or  through appreciating the gifts in our life and gratitude for all that life has given us.  Sometimes a beautiful reading can jar the mindset from darkness to light.  So my hope for all is to find the light in your life. . through you eyes. . through your mind. . and most of all through your heart.

Love and Hugs,

LB is still there, still healing and it is good to be able to focus on something else!  May you all feel "light" in your day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Hole In One

No longer stuffing with gauze but still have a small hole.  According to the good doctor, this should heal over, even though the inside has not completely come together.  Those of you who have been aware of the wound care process that has been happening with my L. B. know what I am talking about.  This isn't exactly how it was suppose to happen but Dr. Wasif says it will be ok.  I am taking his word for it but still doing a lot of positive thinking about healing.  I think it goes "Heal ,darn it, heal!"  

We had a nice early breakfast downtown and then did a photo safari around town and as always we saw so many nice people and new nooks and crannies that we hadn't noticed before.  The photo is a new little bakery that has opened in the downtown art district.  Cute, very Silver Cityish, and we've sampled the tasty pastries there.  Yumm. . .

Tomorrow we are off to Las Cruces for an eye doctor appointment for Tom and taking care of a couple of other big city things.   And of course we will find a good lunch spot!

Just wanted to update to family, friends and Friends. . Much gratitude here. . one day at a time!

Hugs and love. . .Sandy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where the Deer and the Antelope Roam

We haven't had any antelope in the yard but the deer abound.  The wildlife in this part of Silver City was one of the big attractions in choosing our home.   And we do still love the deer despite the fact that they eat every type of plant imaginable.  But it is an OK trade off.  The little backyard decorative pond and waterfall is a big attraction for them.  Particularly when the weather is dry and there is little water elsewhere.  Our little acre here also draws many birds an occasional rabbit and I know that there are javelinas in the area although I haven't seen any. 

We made a quick trip over a long weekend to Mancos.  The golden aspen and snow capped mountains were beautiful.  It was great to see old friends and old favorite places but was good to get back to a much warmer Silver City.  I guess I didn't remember Colorado being that cold!  And winter hasn't even begun there.  I am still wearing sandals here and I like it!

I am still doing Ok with the L.B. issue.  Impatient!  Wound care should be coming to an end soon and am anxious for that final healing to happen.  After that I go back to Mayo for a mammogram and check up.  It will feel good to get that assurance that all has healed well.  I am grateful for less discomfort and the energy to do what needs to be done.  And for Tom's patience and support.  And for his bringing me my first cup of coffee every morning. Life is good.  And I am sure that next year will be a good-er  year.  :)

Love and hugs to all. . .


Colorado aspens and evergreens dusted with snow.  So beautiful. And cold.  Sandals and 70 degrees in New Mexico feel good.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're Off!

Well not on horseback. . but in our little red subaru.  We are taking along weekend to Mancos and it is snowing there!   I am digging for sweaters, etc.  And leaving my sandals behind!   I am looking forward to seeing the snow but I will probably be reminded why we love the weather in Silver City.  I was hoping to catch the fall colors but I would bet that is gone.  But if we are lucky nothing makes better photography than a mix of snow and fall leaves.  So we will see!  We're off!

I am doing well with my treatment.  Wound care is winding down and it was good to talk with my Mayo doctor last week and be assured that all is well and going as it should.  My local doctor had also done a "visual" .(healing well but not a pretty picture!)   Am feeling less discomfort all the time and I think that must be a good sign.  And sleeping like a baby!  We have done a couple of shows with our photography and my energy level is good.  I have learned to be careful with too much heat.  Don't know why, but since the radiation treatment, too much sunshine wipes me out! 

Seems that everywhere lately there has been the sadness of those lost to or fighting cancer.  I feel so fortunate for the early catch and good prognosis.  But until there is a cure found for this dreaded disease the  odds are scary for all.   A cure for cancer must be out there,somewhere.  Someday it will happen.  Until then, we can all be grateful for the good doctors who battle for the survival of their patients.   A cure is what must be found. . . . .

Love and hugs to all. . And my gratitude for all of you.  For being there. . I know you are. . I can feel it.  .